Monday, February 3, 2014

Psalm 2- Seymour Revised Version

Psalm 2

Why do forces- even people- try to be greater than God?

Kings, presidents, governors, village elders come together and say, “We have power. We can subvert the Lord’s plans- especially the Lord’s plans for the beloved.”

The Lord smiles, but is not amused.

When the Lord acts, all will know!

The Lord will speak from a place of determination and frustration, saying: “YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL OVER MY CHOSEN.”

I will dare to share the Lord’s words.

The Lord has revealed to me:

“You are my child. Today, every day, I give you life.
Ask what you will of me.
Your place in creation is my gift to you.
All that you can comprehend- and beyond- is your inheritance.
Those who would conquer you will taste defeat.”

Thus, I warn the presumptuous rulers:

Be smart! Be wise! Be alert, you who think you are gods.
Serve the Lord. Serve the Lord alone.

His wrath is great, but his mercy is greater still.

There is joy for those who recognize the Lord is God and take their rest in that truth.  

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