Thursday, February 13, 2014

External Motivation

I recently got a Fitbit- a pretty fancy pedometer.

I got it in part because other efforts toward health and activity have not been successful. Fitbit gives me little encouragements toward daily and weekly goals (and beyond).

This morning I woke to an email congratulating me on having earned a 50 mile badge. Since starting with the Fitbit on 2/3, I've walked 50 miles while wearing it. That's essentially 5 miles a day.

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that this is working for me like nothing else ever has.

On the other hand, I feel embarrassed to need the adult version of a sticker chart to encourage me to healthy habits.

In discussing this with some others today, they mentioned that they too really thrive on little boosts of encouragement and affirmation.

Do we do enough of this in general for the people around us? I mean, genuinely affirm who they are, their efforts, and their progress?

The other thing I think about is this: what would a Fitbit for spiritual health look like?

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