Saturday, February 1, 2014

Psalm 1 (Seymour Revised Version)

There is joy in the path of truth-
Happiness in doing things God’s way.

Those who do this find deliciousness in God’s word-
It nourishes them- body and soul, day and night.

The ones who listen, who heed, bloom.
They blossom and bear fruit.
Bursting forth, they are ready for harvest in all they do.

Those who do not listen, who do not heed the word-
They do not have the same experience.

They are affected by every wind that blows.
They cannot prosper.
And they do not understand the joy and consolation of the Listeners.

The Lord sees all, calls all, desires all.
The path of truth prevails,
But the road of lies will not be preserved.

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