Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barefoot Soul

Yesterday I saw pictures of how our feet can become misshapen in too-tight or otherwise ill-fitting shoes.

Toes crammed together, heels cramped, arches falling or, conversely, drawn up too tightly, these were not pretty pictures.

I wiggled my feet in my wide shoes and spread my toes as far apart as I could. Not a fan of the pointy-toed shoe or snug loafer, my feet still retain much of their natural spacing (according to the pictures I saw yesterday).

In my barefoot walking today, I thought about our souls, our essence, and what "shoes" attempt to domesticate them. What are the cultural trappings that try to shape us out of our God-given wideness and strength into misshapen weakness that becomes more and more painful?

The metaphor has its flaws, but also a ring of truth.

I fling out my arms and dance in my bare feet, with my bared soul delighting in the Lord. Surely the kingdom is at hand. I can feel it in my toes.

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