Thursday, February 6, 2014

Perspective: Food

I'm renewing my efforts at losing weight.

Well, I've failed at that before, so I'm trying a new perspective.

Bison stew with veggies. Mmmm!
I am working toward a HEALTHIER me!

This is, therefore, not about numbers on a scale, but about:

- reducing my risk of heart disease
- improving my race completion times
- avoiding Type 2 Diabetes
- setting a good example for my children
- appreciating the gift of my body and what it can do

All of this means working on a different perspective toward food (and exercise, but that's a different day).

I love food. I don't want to stop loving food. A right (better) relationship with food means making better food choices (bye-bye, Valentine heart candies).

It means thinking when I eat, not just using one hand to put things in my mouth while doing something else with the other hand (to save time, prevent boredom, whatever).

That re-focus helps to think about food as a gift- how it gets to me, who grew it, handled it, what I'm doing with it. The shift in perspective puts me in better communion with creation and the Creator.

That is certainly part of any plan toward good health.

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Teri said...

wait, no more conversation hearts??? how can that be healthy?