Friday, February 28, 2014

Perspective: One Month

As months go, this is probably one of the most charged of my life. I began a new exercise regimen, had a powerful experience with Reiki, read several great books, and felt more like myself than I have in at least 2 years.

And somehow I managed to write something every day.

Writing is actually a tremendously demanding task. I have a fairly writing intensive job, so summoning the energy to write creatively, powerfully, and succinctly here is tough.

In order to push past my perfectionism, I didn't do any very profound writing this month in my weekly posts. (If you disagree, I appreciate your view!)

I did not comment on the proposed legislation in Arizona. I didn't write much, other than one sermon, on the Michael Dunn trial verdict and the condition of race relations in America.

I didn't do a review of Angry Conversations with God, which was an amazing read. I will get to that at some point.

Nevertheless, I did write every day. I did think it through. That, in addition to exercising every day since 3 February, is its own accomplishment.

I am proud of myself.

And I'm grateful to be here.

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