Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Psalm 23, Revisited (ReBlog)

This is an edited repost from here.

The Lord is my mechanic, I’m satisfied by his work.     
She keeps me tuned and running smoothly.
He leads me to open roads, 
    She grants me peace in congestion. 
God’s mercy and grace toward me reflect well on her reputation. 
Even when I need serious maintenance, 
    I know the cost has been covered;for you are with me;    
       your torque wrench and your lift platform— they comfort me.
You bang out my dents and mend my scratches,
In front of those who treat me with disdain.
You keep my fluids filled,    
    My belts are tightened.
Certainly safety and stability will pursue me on all of my expeditions, 
And I shall ride in the chariot of the Lord forever.

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