Sunday, December 2, 2018

Psalm 25, Revisited

In Hebrew, Psalm 25 is an acrostic psalm. The beginning of each sentence forms the alef-bet down the page. 

I have re-written Psalm 25, in Revised Julia Edition, to be an acrostic of the English alphabet. 

All of my being belongs to you, O Lord, 
Because of this truth, I trust in You alone. Consent not that the forces that oppose You to triumph in my life.
Do not allow any of Your faithful people to become discouraged or embarrassed because of their hope in you. 
Educate me in Your ways, O Lord. Teach me the feel of Your road. 
First things first, and that must always be You. 
God of all things, You alone offer true wholeness and peace: salvation           
Happy is the one who learns this and waits for You. 
I beg you to continue in mercy and everlasting compassion, O Lord,  
Just as you did for Sarah, Ruth, and Hannah. 
Keep no mementos of my sins- against You or others.
Let Your own eyes of love be the lens through which You see me. 
Majesty is revealed through constancy and goodness, which certainly describes the Lord. 
Neglecting no one, the Lord offers guidance in faithful discipleship.
O God, those who are willing to listen will hear and receive Your guidance,
Patiently, the Lord corrects and guides the faithful to a holy life. 
Questioners find a way of surety and eternal mercy when they follow the Lord. 
Remember, O Lord, Your Divine reputation and forgive me all my many sins. 
Since we fear, love, and trust the Lord, we will not be without direction or help. 
Those who listen to God will find the justice, life-fullness, and family they desire. 
Ultimately, the Lord does not abandon those who want to be God’s people. 
Victory over sin and death belong to the Lord, who includes even me in that triumph. 
When You think of me, O God, pour out the healing you know I need in my whole being.
X-ray those who hate me, see their insides, and protect me from what may truly harm me. 
Yes, I seek a life of wholeness and self-control as I wait for you. 
Zion, the original people of Your heart, awaits Your redemption. Hasten to them, O God. 

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