Sunday, June 21, 2015

Litany for Internal Grief (Based on Psalm 51)

Have mercy on me, O God
Great is your faithfulness in mercy and love.

Mop up the overflow of my self-centeredness.
Remove the stains of my irritations and desire for control.

The definition of sin, beyond brokenness, eludes me,
But I feel its real effects in my life.

I know that I am not perfect
My reach exceeds my grasp in recognizing the truth of my own humanness.

Even when I know I have hurt family, friends, neighbors, and strangers
Ultimately, I have sinned against you, O Lord, in what has been done and left undone.

The grace that I dare to trust you to extend to me is nothing that I deserve.
I could not earn it in fifty lifetimes.

You desire truth and understanding.
Any wisdom I may gain flows forth from your Spirit.

Cleanse me by your own works and I shall be clean, indeed.
Wash me with your own created elements and I shall be restored to wholeness.

Create in me a clean heart- a renewed connection with the Source of All Good
Open me to receive a rejuvenated spirit- a sense of joy and peace in you.

Grant me the peace of my baptism and the consolation of your table,
Keep me moving in your ways on this day and all that follow.

When frustration is my offering to you,
Turn my energy into the work of peacemaking.

When deep grief is my offering to you,
Turn my hopelessness into a perception of your Presence.

When a closed mind in my offering to you,
Turn my rigidity into pliability for your kingdom.

When revenge is my offering to you,

Turn my indignation to humility for Christ’s sake in the world.

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