Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bad Choices

Our five-year-old is attending a Vacation Bible School program at another church this week. He went last year and loved it, so he's going again. 

Today, afterward, I asked him what they did. He told me his schedule: games, science, snack, Bible story, crafts, music. 

"What was the Bible story today?" I asked. 

"It was about bad choices," he replied. 

"Bad choices? Who made bad choices?"

"Those two people, I don't remember their names. They lived in a garden." 

"Adam and Eve."

"Yes. They lived in a garden and God told them not to touch a special tree. But they made a bad choice when a snake tricked them. They touched the tree. God made them leave the garden, but God still loved them. If we make bad choices, God still loves us.

"So the snake lied to Adam and Eve and they made a bad choice. God gave them a punishment, but God still loved them." 


"Sounds about right."

Passenger: "That seemed pretty clear. Can he teach me about the Bible?" 

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