Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Check One

I was supposed to answer this question on a survey. What's the right box for the pastor? 

All of the above, sometimes?

None of the above? 

I prefer not to answer in humility or out of pride? 

Today I texted with an intern, wrote about racism, was quoted in the paper about Medicaid Expansion, prayed for the people I didn't see in church yesterday, parented my children, contained my temper in the grocery store because Jesus, thought about upcoming sermons, and wept over the divisions that cause pain in the Body of Christ, even in my own house.

And that's on my day off. 

I'm the Reverend Julia Seymour. You may call me Pastor. I'm a leader for order among a group of people who seek to live and die in Jesus Christ for the sake of the world. The work is amazing and infuriating and joyful and grieving.

Which box covers that? 

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