Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Future Tense

I'm currently at the Collegeville Institute in Minnesota for a writing workshop week.

We are using building that once was called the Ecumenical Institute, where work to unite churches and faithful people was done with earnestness and great hope.

Today is also the Feast Day for St. Columba, among others, who helped to bring the Christian faith and establish its roots in Scotland (and elsewhere in Britain). I have been to Iona Abbey, one of the monasteries associated with Columba. The pictures here are from Iona.

Listening to crickets chirping, loons calling, and seeing an actual sunset out my window (doesn't happen in AK this time of year), I am thinking of those whose faithfulness makes our lives possible.

God's provision for the future through the faithful is moving and provocative. What am I doing on a daily or even semi-regular basis that God may use to improve lives in the future? The reality is I may never know. But I remain committed to sharing the gospel, to seeking Christ in my neighbor, and pursuing the well-being of all. In that action is a life and in that life there is all the future that will be- ever in God's hands.

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