Sunday, November 23, 2014

Through Time and Space

Earlier this week, there was a blog prompt that involved writing to someone in 1864 and trying to explain modern life to them.

I thought of that today.

I received text messages this morning from a friend on the East Coast. (cell phones, Seward's Folly Alaska!)

This friend had met up with my sister, who had baked her a pie- in an electric oven. (electricity)

The friend drove my sister to work, so the latter skipped her morning Metro ride. (cars, subways)

I drove to work and checked emails. (cars, computer, internet)

I listened in via teleconference to a meeting in Seattle. (telephones)

I chose not to fly down for a 6 hour meeting. (planes)

I received a message concerned about a person who is not known to me, but- it turns out- knows some of my friends. (Internet, Facebook)

I made connections for a support network for this person via her/my friends. (Internet, Facebook messaging, text messages, telephone, voicemails)

I talked to a friend on the East Coast. (cell phone)

I went in a grocery store and a liquor store today. (so many choices)

I flushed toilets, ran water, turned lights on and off, gave medicine to a dog, and wore clothes that I did not make myself.

I took a shower, ran the dishwasher, the washing machine, and the dryer.

Dear 1864 compatriot-

There is but one thing that has remained the same: the grace of God.

Pax vobiscum.

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