Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Grief that Remains

I cried today at the thoughts of the Brown family, of what "justice" looks like for some people, of the division between people I like and people I love and people I respect. 

In the brokenness, I have drawn into myself. I spent most of my evening, talking very little. Reflecting. Listening. 

Amos is very clear when he says that the trappings of worship offend God, when they are devoid of a regular life of justice and righteousness. 

I wrote this prayer:

Lord, we have pulled out the Advent wreath, the Christmas tree, the poinsettias. We dusted off the hymns, unsung for a year, and unearthed the words of your prophets. Yet, in your eyes, these efforts are for nothing without the regular, persistent, deep pursuit of justice for all people. Our efforts are hollow without consistent work toward peace, reconciliation, and participation in your mission for creation. In our hearts, we do long to be your people, to carry out your mission, to be lights in the darkness- proof that no darkness can overcome your truth. Awaken us to action. Stir us to courage. Rouse us to prepare a way in the wilderness for your coming, clearing the brush of oppression, racism, injustice, and hopelessness- so that all may see your light and perceive your coming. Amen.

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