Saturday, February 22, 2014

Psalm 3 (Seymour Revised Version)

God! So many people are against me.
So many oppose the work you are doing through me.

I hear a chorus, chanting snidely,
“God will not help you. God is not real.”

Yet you, my God, are the truth I know.
You protect me and give me life.

I call out and God answers me,
I hear God’s voice within and without.

I rest. I sleep.
I awaken, renewed by the Lord’s sustenance.

I do not fear the many people who reject me.
Who surround me.

Act now, God! Bring relief to your servant!
You turn away my enemies,
You allow pain in those who oppose you!

Liberation comes from God;
May it be true for all your people. Amen.

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