Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five: Favorites

1. Food: Sushi, especially tuna. I love the firm coolness of the fish in my mouth. Mmmm...

2. Drink: Water, followed closely by red wine.

3: Animal: Lion. I don't actually have anything with a lion on it. I have lots of sheep and butterfly things. We have pictures of Alaskan animals all over our house. In order to answer this, I thought, "What animal am I always interested in knowing more about?" Lions- I love a good lion documentary, article, picture. 

4: Color: Blue- all shades.

5: Time of Day: 10:30. That usually feels like a very productive time for me. 

Mark is my favorite gospel. 
"Thine the Amen" is (currently) my favorite hymn. 
Little Women is my favorite movie.
Frasier is my favorite television show. 

I could no more have a favorite book than I could choose a favorite organ in my body. 

1 comment:

Jan said...

Love your ending about books--too many "favorites" there! Mark is my favorite gospel, too. How lucky you are to live in Alaska!