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Prayer Against Fear

Phantasm of fear, I renounce you! I refuse to call you "spirit" for you are not of God.  You work to oppose the creative forces of the Lord in life and resurrection.  Your efforts will not last.  And you know this.  Delusion of fear, I renounce you!  You may talk loudly, boastfully.  You may bring your buddies, death and destruction, as backup to your threats. You know your days are numbered.  There is no fear in the life to come.  Specter of fear, I renounce you! Your work of dividing, fomenting, pain-causing... We will overcome. With God on our side,  You cannot stand.  Perfect Love, the kind that comes from Christ, casts out fear.  Revenant of fear, I renounce you! Shrivel and die, you impotent thing! You may plant, but you will not reap.  You may build, but you will not inhabit.  You may fish, but you will not catch.  There is no home for you, no toe hold, no place of belonging.  You are banished to wither and die... fertil