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Yelling in My Head

So I don't have enough time to write and you don't have enough time to read all that I would like say about this article from the Mat- Su Valley Frontiersman:  Faith : What the Bible says about a modern controversy . To sum it up: the pastor/commentator argues, through the apostle Paul, that because wife's body belongs to her husband and his to her- there cannot be rape in marriage. That is to say that if a man and woman have made a commitment before God and the state, there cannot be forced sex in the relationship. Apparently, the state says there can be and the state's against it, where it occurs. However, according to Ron Hamman, pastor of the Independent Baptist Church of Wasilla, God says there can't be. Ron argues, even if there was forced sex (rape) in a marriage, you'd need witnesses to prove it according to the biblical standard. Well, Ron, most Christians I know stopped bringing in witnesses to prove the existence (and tearing) of the hymen on the wed

Sisterhood, Rah-rah-rah!

So I was a little bit of a foot-dragger when it came to signing up for the Women of the ELCA 's Triennial gathering this year. If I went it was my first time, I didn't have any friends going, it IS pricey and I was doing other traveling for continuing education. The theme and the speakers looked great, but I grumbled and mumbled. Finally, a bold woman in my congregation made an offer I couldn't refuse (she paid for a hotel room!) and I signed up to come. Once I decided to come, I was still apprehensive. Like many introverts with verbal processing needs, I can easily be mistaken for a person who welcomes a crowd, but that's not me. Large groups of people make me nervous and large groups where I only know a handful of the people involved are the worst. Nevertheless, I signed up for everything. To do the Run, Walk, Roll. For the Young Women's Chocolate Lounge. Joining in means, for me, joining in! It's a little early, yet, to reflect on all that this will com

Friday Five: Summertime Edition

Dorcas over at RevGalBlogPals encouraged some general sharing today and I've been longing for the perfect...something... to get me back to regular writing. She writes:  Share five things that are happening in your life, personally or professionally or some of each, in this season of life. 1. Exercise!  In training for a triathlon in June, I managed to push myself from seeing as exercise as something I needed to do to something that I enjoyed. It has become something that I need  to do. I bought a bike rack and drive with my bike on the back of my car at all times and I keep gym clothes and a few shower items in a bag in the car. This past Sunday, I managed to grab a 6 mile bike ride in between services (morning and evening) and visitations! I felt great. I'm really trying to get my tolerance and speed up so that when I have to go back to the gym in the winter months, I will be faster and leaner. I do miss my weight-lifting, so that will get back on the agenda when the wea

Happy 4th of July