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Nuclear Family Affair

I recently read this book: Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats .  I couldn't stop reading, even when I was horrified and frustrated by the government coverups, the nuclear disasters, and the persistent denial that plutonium dust in the wind around the general Denver area was a problem. Still processing, I wrote this long haiku: Fukushima still Leaks. Nearly three years later, Oceans and air fill With poisons. Unknown: their full power, permanence, possibility. West Coast counters ping. Measuring high, off the charts. Radiation moves. Do we still recall Chernobyl and Rocky Flats? Who will be a voice For Three-Mile Island Or Lucenz? Did we forget Not so long ago Destruction promised? Mutually assured, we Worked fevered, counting Our efforts as so Much patriotism. Safety Was secondary. Radiation lives Up to its name, spreading out In water and air. In animals and Dusting our salad le