Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five: LOVE

Over on RevGalBlogPals, revkjarla writes:

Hey RevGals....
It's Valentine's Day on Tuesday....
Share 5 Valentines you would like to give this year, and why--
but here is the hitch, 
Can't give them G-d, Jesus, Holy Spirit...
or your mom, your beloved, your sweet child(ren)...tell us about the other amazing  beings in your life. 

Valentine the First: This one goes out to women whose labor did not goes as planned. I spent a lot of time with C-section regret, even though it was an emergency. Even at the time I knew it had to be done so that we both could (and did) live. Still, it can be hard not to feel like I failed. I didn't. Other women have this same experience or other birth scenarios that don't goes as hoped. Some women go home empty-handed for a variety of reasons. Mother's Day can be hard for all kinds of reasons, so one this day I give a free hug to all moms of all sorts, however you became a mom, whatever happened when you gave birth, however things are working out with your kid(s). 

Valentine the Second: This one goes out to people who are happy being single. This doesn't mean that they don't want to meet someone, but that they feel complete in themselves and enjoy their lives as they are already! There's something to be said for knowing who you are, where you are, and being at peace and at home in that. These people only need Singles Awareness Day inasmuch as they would like you to be aware that they are just fine. 

Valentine the Third: This one goes out to people who are into the sixth week of the diet/exercise regimen  they promised to start on New Year's! Keep it up! You're doing a great job. (Would this be you if you hadn't slipped up a little... it's okay... just keep going... you can do it... and this Valentine can be a little bit for you too.) 

Valentine the Fourth: This one is for C.C. who watches my son, along with two other children, when I'm at work four days a week. She provides entertainment, instruction, structure, and love. Her work, which she enjoys and at which she excels, makes it possible for me to do the work to which I feel called and at which I strive to excel. There are many children in the neighborhood who have been raised by her capable hands and I'm very grateful that my son gets to be one of the privileged few. 

Valentine the Fifth: This one goes out to the families of people who are in prison or other institutions. I know you think of your son/daughter/father/mother/brother/sister each day. Even if you know he or she is where he or she needs to be or has to be or rightfully should be, the separation is still difficult. You're doing the best you can.  And you are not alone. 

For all these and more, on St. Valentine's Day, this bud's for you: 


Karla Miller said...

oh! What a beautiful, lovely, thoughtful play!
and I am taking a little bit of that Valentine for people in their sixth week, in spite of being on a cruise for a week. ;-) xoxo!

Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

Great list of "loves"...there is something about remembering those whose lives are so very hard...which makes the holiday a bit more holy.

PrJoolie said...

Great image, thoughtful valentines. Thanks.

river song said...

what beautiful, thoughtful valentines--a valentine hug to you!