Monday, November 1, 2010


Throughout the year, I think to myself, "Starting next week, I will write in my blog each day."

And then Friday rolls around and, often, nothing has happened. Or, more precisely, everything happened but writing. It's even possible, yea verily likely, that each week I've spent a significant amount of time thinking about writing, but not doing it because of procrastination, fear of not getting the perfect entry, other components of my work... You get the picture.

I've absolved myself of the psychological burden of feeling guilty about not writing. However, the truth is that I want to write. I want the discipline. I long for the mental work of composing readable sentences and piecing together logical sentences. (Most of my sentences are logical, yes?)

To this end, I've decided to sign up with National Blog Posting Month (henceforth: NaBloPoMo). I'll be making a concerted effort to post every day of the month of November.

So of these posts may be beautiful, well-crafted, theologically sound treatises. Some of them will be crap I've posted for the sake of meeting this goal.

Almost all successful writers say the main key is just writing. So I will.

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