Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When I'm not posting...

Almost every day I make a little to-do list for the day. And almost every day "blog" is on the list. I expect myself to write in this space at least twice a week, but I dream of every day. The thing, I think of things to write almost every day, but then when it comes to taking the time to do it... something always seems to come up or I just don't make myself do it.

Then I get into a dangerous cycle of embarrassment. "Oh, it's been so long now. I need to acknowledge that I haven't been writing...etc." So then my mental "mea culpa" takes up my thought process and I do not write out of shame. In addition, I don't know if people are actually reading this, so I can always assure myself that it's not like anyone is actually seeking desperately needed pearls of wisdom here (as if you would find them if I did post all the time!).

So here I am, without good excuse- just myself.

I often hear the same thing from people about coming to church or about praying or about volunteering. "Oh, I haven't done it in so long... it would be embarrassing to show up now." And, yes, maybe there are a few unsubtle individuals out there who tease or give a hard time to those who have been absent, but mostly that's not the case.

If I haven't seen you in church lately, I'm glad to know you're doing well. If you haven't been praying, God is more than happy to hear from you. And if you fell by the volunteering wayside, people will be glad to see you back again.

The thing is, if you did these things because you wanted someone to notice- it doesn't always work out. So, here's the deal. I need to post more regularly and I will try. And you, faithful reader, if you're mad, speak up. If you're sad, reach out. If you're glad, help somebody else.

Let's try to do the best we can, rejoicing that God forgives and makes up our shortcomings. That is such good news!

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Anonymous said...

I read! And I enjoy...and I'm not mad or sad. :-) Happy (post) Holy week. :-)