Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today I taught preschool chapel at the church where I work. This happens every Thursday and Friday for the separate, half-day preschool classes that are held here at the church. We usually have a little lesson, sing a song and then pray together.

Today the lesson was about God and rocks, or more specifically about why we sometimes refer to God as a rock (Rock of Ages, Solid Rock, etc.). As many of you have experienced, though, sometimes children are programmed for certain "answers" in certain settings: a prime example occurred today. I asked if anyone knew how old a group of rocks was and one little girl, who always has something to say, answered, "Jesus."

"How old are these rocks?"

I smiled and said Jesus wasn't the answer to that question, but the situation turned over and over in my mind. I don't think this was some very, very wise child offering an answer, but an very, very eager child who likes to talk.

Yet, the message of the Easter season is that Jesus is the answer to all our questions and problems. How can we be made right with God? Jesus. Who loves us all the time? Jesus. Who was missing from the tomb? Jesus.

Is there a question you have today to which Jesus could be the unexpected answer?

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