Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ING #1


I've been trying to catch up on my podcasts since I didn't listen to nearly any during the month of June. That means I'm months behind in Stuff You Missed In History Class, This American Life, Slate, and many others. I'm interested in adding another book podcast to my feed, but I don't know if that's wise financially. (The podcast is free, but... books.) Not all the podcasts are child-friendly and since a lot of my time in the car (otherwise known as podcast time) is with kids, some things have to wait. 

I also have three new audiobooks waiting. 


I'm seeing fall. Of course, that means winter is, at best, 2-3 weeks away (hello, Alaska!). The yellow birch is gorgeous, though. 


I have a lot of crocheting projects anywhere from just started to almost finished. And it's almost hat making season! 


I'm going to start a second blog (because I'm so good at this one). The second one will be focused on book reviews only. I'd like to have a concentrated place for that work and more discipline about that part of my writing life. Stay tuned!


I have some travel for work coming up in October. Need to get a lot of things in motion for that. 


There's a lot of pain in the world right now. I'm listening to stories, sitting with information, and letting go of what's not mine to hold. 


I'm watching my To Be Read pile get out of control. 


In some shape, form, or fashion, I'm reading Firecracker Boys, Trouble I Seen, HillBilly Elegy, The Shelf, Why Be Happy... and Adnan's Story. Send snacks!

(Please don't ask me what I have pre-ordered that's coming out in the next couple weeks. Forget the snacks; I need a lifeboat, a au pair, and a backup reader!)


I don't always snack, but when I do... I eat the best gummies in the world! 


All over town... soon to the hospital to visit a parishioner after her surgery for a broken ankle. 


I am 100% ready for the election to be over. I am tired of the "commentary", the "quotes", the "research", the "journalism", and the complete lack of real conversation about what's actually happening in the world in the lives of real people (not people who are good for photo ops). 


I feel saddened and frustrated that two people I care about have been called "fat ass" by strangers recently. In particular, I consider that they were probably told by well-meaning people, possibly including me, that the insult was unnecessary and mean, but did we say it was untrue? Did we counter with a different truth about their bodies and how their bodies are used in God's kin-dom? I believe in health at any and every size, but I am not sure that I communicated that well in a time when people may have been shamed or hurt about their bodies and their receipt in community. 


I am learning to be clearer about boundaries, especially what's my job and what isn't. I think about what is mine to fix and what isn't. What's your shit to own and what isn't. 


I love that it is finally cold enough for me to sleep well. This probably means that my husband is going to want to close the windows soon. Noooooooo!

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