Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mixed Messages

On the way home from Ash Wednesday service, my six-year-old and I listened to a science podcast for kids. In this episode, we heard the sounds of brain waves. We heard waves during regular thinking and then during a seizure. My son asked about seizures- what were they, what happens, and what to do. 

I said a seizure is when the brain gets some signal mixed up. Then the brain and the body get mixed up messages and so they seize... which migh look like spasms or like freezing in place. 

I actually had seen a man have a seizure today, a small one, in line behind me at the grocery store. I told my son what happened and what I did. 

During the service, I actually talked to children about Lent being a "fast fast". We are supposed to fast from moving so quickly that everything and everyone becomes blurry. 

We get mixed messages all the time about our worth, our place, and our shoulds, coulds, and woulds. These mixed messages can cause spasms or paralysis in our spiritual life and growth.
We do know that too much, too fast, too bright can cause certain types of seizures.

Let us all embrace the "fast fast" and take time for contemplation, reflection, and being (as opposed to doing). Perhaps we can reduce our rush of spiritual seizure. 

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