Sunday, May 31, 2015

There is Love (Litany for Holy Trinity)

At the beginning of time, there was chaos and darkness- disordered nothingness
But that harsh environment, in the sharp edges of confusion and potential,
There was Love.

God’s own self existed- Truth does not exist in a vacuum.
There was a relationship within God that is beyond our imagination.
There was Love.

The Word of Life and the Shaping Spirit worked out the soil, the water, the plants, the animals.
The Eternal Creative birthed people for the sake of creation.
There was Love.

In the calling to co-create through farming, ranching, planting, cultivating, parenting,
Friending, building, dreaming, cooperating, and expanding,
There was Love.

Together, God’s own self revealed kin-dom in one way and then another.
Despite rebellion and rejection, brokenness and stubbornness, in the plan of Three in One
There was Love.

Oil and flour sustained. Wellsprings flowed in the desert. Prophets heard whispers.
Women dreamed and did not abandon hope. The tilling of the soil continued through generations.
There was Love.

God took on flesh. A necessary separation of powers,
deepening the relationship between the One in Three.
There was Love.

Healing. Teaching. Men. Women. Children. Water. Wind.
Words in the dirt. Voice in the air. Dove descending. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Forgiveness.
There was Love.

Darkness. Death. Deep grief in the Eternal. Curtain torn in two.
Hush. Hush. Hush. There is nothing but patience. They wait. God waits. Earth sighs.
There was Love.

Bright! Bright! Up. Up. UP! Life reigns. There is no division. Of the same substance,
The same truth, the same eternal being. The omnipotent resurrection is the revelation of eternity.
There was Love.

Mystery in water. Mystery in bread. Mystery in the fruit of the vines.
Community. Communion. Consolation. Confusion. Correction. Capability. Creativity.
There was Love.

There is no explaining what was, is, and ever shall be.
There is trust. There is hope. There is God: Holy Parent, Holy Son, Holy Spirit.
There is Love.

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