Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm Asking

Nearly every Sunday of my youth, my family drove to church together in our minivan. All six of us- parents in the front, brothers in the middle, girls in the back. Somewhere in the first few miles, my dad would usually begin the ritual. Speaking so all could hear, he would say, "I apologize for anything I did this week that hurt, upset, or offended anyone. Please forgive me." Sometimes there were personal apologies made after this general statement. We all then responded, "I forgive you." And so it went around the car, everyone taking a turn admitting and being released. 

Despite having a wide variety of feelings about this at the time, it remains a powerful image in my mind. 

So on this holy Saturday, I humbly apologize for anything I've done or said or forgot that hurt, offended, or grieved you. I am truly sorry. I ask your forgiveness. I pray for peace to be between us. 


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Unknown said...

Go in Peace. Be made whole and fill with the Power of the Spirit of Life.