Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five and 500!

This is my 500th blog post. I could agonize about making it SIGNIFICANT (insert James Earl Jones voice here) or I could just write what I might any time.

Since I have a tendency toward procrastination through perfectionism, I'm going to do a Friday Five (questions from RevGalBlogPals and revkarla).

1.  What have you got going on today?
Work, going to the movies with Dear Son, more work, maybe time with my spouse tonight, making to-do lists, prayer
2.  What about a prayer request, how can we pray for you today?
It's a busy time of year. Please pray that I allow myself to seize opportunities for rest and that I resist the small demons of sarcasm, frustration, comparison, and sniping. 
3.  What makes you curious?
A political system that does not have stronger term limits, thus allowing people to serve for years without consideration for their skills or awareness of current needs or circumstances in their community. 
4.  If you got stuck in an elevator for three hours, (if that is too scary, locked in a room or stuck in a traffic jam), and could magically have any book or activity appear in a pouf to you to while away the time, what would it be?
After I was sure that I would be out eventually and that anything I was responsible for in the 3 hours (children, etc) were okay, I would likely read (whatever was on my Kindle), crochet (if I had things there), or take a nap on my jacket. 
5.  Use these words in a sentence.   Thirteen, lampshade, [a historical person, like Cotton Mather or Judy Garland} basket, hedgehog, and daffodils. (I'm pretty sure this is the first time that Cotton and Judy have appeared in the same sentence. Ever.) 
Grumbling toward his lampshade, Jonathan Edwards scratched out his sentence, "Sinners in the hands of rabid hedgehogs... Sinners in a basket of daffodils... thirteen sinners in a sinking ship... Sinners in the hands of an angry God...!"

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Love the sentence.