Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prayer in the Aftermath of Pakistan School Shooting

God of all people, you made all things, you know all things, you are present in all times and places. 
We grieve with your Spirit over the deaths of children and innocent adults in Pakistan. 
We mourn the loss of life due to religious violence throughout the world. 
We long for a day of justice, of peace, of true rest. 

The prophet Amos warns us to be careful when calling for the day of the Lord, for it will not be what we expect. We are careful with our words. We are cautious with our prayers. 

We wholeheartedly ask for comfort for the families of the slain. 
We pray for those who will move the bodies of the slaughtered innocent. 
We ask for Your intervention on those who see this action and who have contemplated acting similarly in the past or in the future. 

We commend to you the souls of the departed for they are children of your creation and chicks to be gathered under your wings. 


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Martha Spong said...

Grateful for your gift at putting these hard things into words. I linked to your post at the RevGals' Wednesday Festival today.