Friday, October 3, 2014

I Feel Petty


When you grew exasperated with Peter or James and John,

If Johanna and Susanna were a bit too loud,

Or the Magdalene and Thomas wondering about things totally out of reach…

What did you do?

Did you look heavenward, in whichever direction that is,

And say, “What were You thinking?”

Did you disappear to the necessary,

Only to be found later- a few miles out of town?

When I go to the dark of the supply closet, a prayer space,

When I am fleeing gossip, petty grievances, and your beloveds, but not mine right

I wonder what you did.

Here we are, together, in the quiet.

Even with no sounds, I hear you telling me that

The candles, the carpet, the coffee,

They’re not actually part of the yoke.

Don’t let them become more than they are.

Do the necessary. Take the walk.

And remember that you’re with me.

And I am not you.





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