Friday, May 9, 2014

Moving in the Spirit (Prayer)

This medium feels inadequate for physical contemplation- thinking and moving at the same time- but here we are.

D Seymour Stretching, September 09
D at 3 weeks, circa 2009
Take a moment or two. Stretch in whatever way your body allows. 
If you can, raise your arms and reach, reach, reach.
Or you might stretch one leg or the other. Rotate an ankle. Wiggle your toes.
Maybe you can just shift your hips at little- either while sitting and standing.

Whatever your ability, feel the pull, not the burn, but the pull of a good stretch.

Imagine the Spirit supporting your body, gently holding and supporting, while also flexing and guiding.

Oh, God of our muscles and sinews, stretch us today. Bring our bodies strength, rest, and peace.
Do not allow us to be led astray by voices that do not speak the truth about our bodies, our capabilities, or our gifts.
Let us feel, in our bodies, loved and beloved.

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