Monday, September 10, 2012

A Prayer for Suicide Prevention

On World Suicide Prevention Day: 

God of all space and time,
There is darkness that exists which feels impenetrable.
Darkness that seems to overcome all light.
Darkness which swallows the will to live,
The desire to go on,
The possibility of grace,
The existence of hope.
There is darkness in this world, in some hearts, in some minds...
Darkness which makes a person feel separated from You and from Love.

You have created a light which no darkness can overcome,

But sometimes the darkness seems too great.

On this day, be with those who feel surrounded by darkness...
Who are afraid to speak of their plans,
Who are pondering in their hearts what seems the only end to their pain.

Be with those who have reached out, but not been believed.

Be with people who are left behind, who have questions, who blame themselves.

Send your Spirit of consolation and hope into the world on this day,

Turn up the Light of Love- burnish and banish the darkness,

Strengthen all to speak, to listen, to hold, and to share.

Holy God, we ask for the kind of peace- in hearts, minds, and all creation- that can only come from you.

Gracious God, hear our prayer.
And in your mercy, answer us.

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