Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Prayer: Hymn to Christ

You who bridles untamed colts, 
Who gives flight to birds, 
Who steers ships along their course, 
Tame our wild hearts, 
Lift our souls to you, 
Steer us toward the safe harbor of your love. 

King of the saints, 
Invincible Lord of the Father, 
Prince of wisdom, 
Source of joy, 
Savior of our race, 
Cultivator of all life, 
Guardian of our desires, 
Whose sure hand guides us to heaven. 

Fisher of mean, 
You cast out the sweet bait of your gospel, 
You draw us out of the waters of sin, 
Shepherd of men, 
You call us with your sweet, gentle voice, 
You invite us into your eternal sheepfold. 

Fountain of mercy, 
Light of truth, 
Faith without limits, 
Love without end, 
Exemplar of virtue, 
Proclaimer of justice, 
Leader of men, 
Your footprints show the way to heaven. 

Mother of your people, 
Your celestial breasts give pure spiritual milk. 
You slake the thirst of all who have faith. 
Bridegroom of your people, 
Your celestial beauty inspires us to sing your praises, 
You lift our voices with hymns of everlasting praise. 

-Clement of Alexandria

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