Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Five: Your Workspace Edition

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Revkjarla writes: I don't know about you, but I am a notoriously messy creative worker.  My workspace at home, and at my office is always littered with books and papers and mail and pens and keys and mugs....and tchotchkes (momentos, weird things, etc.)   I am looking right now at a pair of dice that someone gave me that have "God" on each side, so that anyway you roll 'em, you end up with God.  Different, right?   
So, this Friday Five is all about YOUR tchotchkes in your workplace.  Describe five things in/on your workspace (however you define workspace--I tend to spill over onto bedside tables, end tables, coffee tables...create wherever I land) that are special to you!   Bonus points for pictures!

 Oh, honey, the disaster of my desk means my workspace usually looks like this. I'm a member of the Flat Surface Society, meaning if there's a flat surface, I'll stack stuff on it. And I'm not likely to change. I clean my desk post- Christmas and post-Easter, every year. :) 

 Here are my tchotchkes...

An icon of the Holy Trinity or of  Jesus and the travelers to Emmaus. It all depends on your view of it. 
A large rock given to me as a gift from a local United Methodist pastor. There are holes drilled through the rock and small dish glued to the bottom to hold lamp oil. The wicks are fed down through the holes. I love it and I don't light it often, but I like having it on my desk. 
A little large to qualify as tchotchkes, but nevertheless- these are my Mother's Day hats from our preschool. Every year we have a Mother's Day tea (Grandmas, Aunts, Friends, etc) and the kids have made these great hats. I suppose I will eventually have a wall-full! 
This is a beach rock from Nome with an iconic picture of the Holy Family decoupaged onto it. I received it (along with 2 others) from the three Little Sisters of Charity who lived in Nome, Alaska during the time I lived there as well. I housesat their cats when they went out of town. The rock makes me think of the Little Sisters, the prayer room in their house which I used more than once, and my time in Nome. 
I couldn't seem to get this picture to  load with the correct orientation. Oh, well. This glass paperweight is the only sign within my office of the school where I received my Master of Divinity. I'm proud to have to gone to Yale Divinity School and it's not a secret, but my diploma (written in Latin) seems a bit overdone and I haven't yet hung the sketch of the quad that was gifted me. So the paperweight lingers on my desk, often covered with papers (ironic, isn't it). And it brings many memories when it surfaces. 


revkjarla said...

The Flat Surface Club? Really? How do I get a membership? I adore, adore the nativity rock, and the oil lamp rock....
Someday, I want to VISIT your office!

Common Household Mom said...

I confess that I had to try to clean up my desk before taking a photo of it.

I love your photos, especially the hats.