Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Belated] Friday Five: The Perks of Ministry Edition

This week's prompt: 5 perks/gifts of ministry (for me)

1. Flexibility: Part of the reason I'm writing on Saturday is because I took Friday off (for the most part). I worked on Monday and so I shifted my schedule. Though there are occasional very, very long days- they don't occur with horrible frequency. I can also work early in the morning and late at night, which allows a little more time with my family than another 40-50 hour a week job might. It's a gift and I'm grateful.

2. Music: People assume the pastor will sing hymns all the time. So I do. Sure, Sondheim is a little more difficult to explain, but... how can I keep from singing?

3. Debate: I like to discuss, vigorously, the Bible. Frequently. Ministry gives me the frequent and vigorous options.

4. Teaching: I like teaching. I like seeing someone grasp a new thought or idea. I like watching the truth be absorbed. I like thinking about things in a new way so that I can teach more effectively.

5. Location, location, location: I like to be where I know that the Spirit is. The most tangible locations are at the beginning of life and the end, at the Table and the Font, at quiet lunch and boisterous potluck and many other places. Whether cutting back raspberries, weeding, vacuuming, dish washing, walking or dog blessing... one of the perks of ministry is being invited into seemingly simple spaces and watching God make the conversation sacred. I try not to get in the way.

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