Monday, February 23, 2009

Drive-by Posting

So I know I've been very delinquent in my blogging lately. It's not been for lack of ideas: Martin Luther's death date, the re-emergence of indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church, the texts of Epiphany, 43 more crucial Scripture passages. Trust me, I've written amazing posts about all of those... in my head.

It's hard to get back on the writing horse once you fall off it. I could blame it on the pregnancy. It does make you tired and I didn't want to mention it until I was ready to mention it, but that only covers the first few weeks of January, when I was too tired to think straight.

So, there are no excuses, other than the fact that I have been busy. However, I do consider the maintenance of this blog and the providing of thought-provoking posts of at least semi-substance as a portion of my job.

So, I'm throwing myself back in the saddle and we'll see how it goes. I read something recently that said if you expect to keep something like a blog with any kind of devotion, you need to write six days a week. We'll see about that.


LoieJ said...

I've been blogging for about 2 1/2 years. I've been having a hard time lately getting things written that I care about and want to share. I've noticed that the bloggers that I read have, mostly, gotten away from faith in life issues and/or they write less frequently. Several have had their families grow and others have had other life changes. I have the hardest time getting started writing when I feel something the deepest. And also, I read a lot of blogs, so by the time that is done, I want to get away from the computer.

Pastor Annie said...

So here I am, catching up on my blog reading (which always comes before catching up on my blog writing) and ... Julia! Congratulations! Hooray for you and Rob and this already much-blessed baby!