Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Friday Five

Recently I joined a ring of blogging women (and men!) pastors; the link is here. Every Friday, they post five themed questions- just to stir the pot and get us thinking a little bit differently. I'm going to try to participate, so here goes...

Here in the USA we are celebrating the last fling of the good ol' summertime. It is Labor Day weekend, and families are camping, playing in the park, swimming, grilling hotdogs in the backyard, visiting amusement parks and zoos and historical sites and outdoor concerts and whatever else they can find to help them extend summer's sun and play just a little bit longer.

It is supposed to also be a celebration of the working man and woman, the backbone of the American economy, the "salt-of-the-earth neices and nephews of Uncle Sam. With apologies to those in other countries, this is a Friday Five about LABOR. All can play. Put down that hammer, that spoon, that rolling pin, that rake, that pen, that commentary, that lexicon, and let's have some fun.

1. Tell us about the worst job you ever had.
I think the worst job I ever had also taught me more about people and caring for them- than anything else I've ever experienced. I worked as a cashier in a grocery store for two years (whole years!) between the ages of 16 and 18. That is a nasty, hot, tiring, thankless job. But I also felt like I became part of the lives of a few people. They asked how school was and gave me cards when I left the store to go to college. Yes, I did have a lady threaten to spit on me, but I also had a man offer to marry me. Watching and observing people in a grocery store was probably the best pre-pastor training I could have gotten.

2. Tell us about the best job you ever had.
Well, I love being a pastor. I did, however, adore working for
KNOM. I worked for two years there as the "deputy news director". Between traveling to villages, interviewing everyone (!) and always being in the know, through that job I learned that I loved being in Alaska and that I would try almost anything once. Talking to people through my work there made me sure that I did want to be a pastor.

3. Tell us what you would do if you could do absolutely anything (employment related) with no financial or other restrictions.
Probably still be a pastor. But I would (**secret dream alert**) love to write an etiquette advice column, a la Miss Manners. I do love the questions she gets and the snarkiness with which she answers.
I would really love to be a writer, but I need the discipline of having other things to do in order to appreciate and fully use writing time.

4. Did you get a break from labor this summer? If so, what was it and if not, what are you gonna do about it?
I did take a break this summer... between the end of my internship and the start of my new position. It wasn't as restful or as productive as it should have been or as I planned, but that's what happens sometimes.

5. What will change regarding your work as summer morphs into fall? Are you anticipating or dreading?
I'm full of anticipation about the work that lies ahead of me and the people with whom I will be working.

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ellbee said...

Great first play! Welcome to the fun of the Friday 5 :)