Tuesday, May 6, 2008

St. Monica of Hippo

Monica was the mother of Augustine, the famous (!) Christian author (Confessions) and apologist who was major influence of on the reformers of the Roman church in the Middle Ages. Monica is well-known for her deep prayers and solid faith that led to the conversion of her husband and her mother-in-law to Christianity. Her prayers and confidence in the work of God were a contributing factor in Augustine's own eventual conversion and embrace of Christianity- turning away from the wild lifestyle he had previously embraced. Monica's deep faith is major building block in the church as it is today because of her prayers for change within her family.

Monica's saint day is observed on 4 May, but I thought it was also interesting to consider her in this week before Mother's Day. Not everyone is a mother, though everyone has one...somewhere. Regardless of how you feel towards your mother or how you, as a mother, might feel toward your children- we have all experienced that level of prayer that Monica must have known- continually beseeching God for real and painful needs to be answered and healed. Monica saw her prayers answered, but many mothers and many children do not seem to receive that same consolation in the same way.

This week, keep those children of God in your prayers- mothers and children full of prayers and mothers and children full of rebellion and distanced from one another.

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