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Prayers for Ordinary, But Important Tasks

Paraments Changed from Green to Red

Sometimes the everyday rituals mean the most. I was pondering these while doing some necessary, but mundane tasks at church. Here is a series of prayers for church and home activities that help us connect more deeply to the activities. 

Waiting for A Hot Beverage to Be Ready

Water of Life, I give you thanks for this tea/coffee/hot cider/cocoa/etc that I am about to consume. Its warmth and comfort remind of the consolations and peace of your everlasting arms. May I rest in those arms forever and carry the peace of this moment into the rest of my day/evening/night. Amen. 

Changing the Altar Candles

Light of the world, you illuminate all existence with love and mercy. Even in the depths of pain and grief, You are present and do not permit us to walk alone. Strengthen our trust in your real presence and our perception of your works all around us. Amen. 

Washing Dishes or Loading the Dishwasher

Holy Provider and Healer, you have once again provided daily bread for me/us. Thank you that we were able to eat and keep me/us mindful of those who are hungry. The never-ending task of preparing food and cleaning up is a reminder of your never-ending love and mercy. Amen. 

Changing the Paraments (Altar cloths) 

Ruler of All Seasons, you have brought us to this celebration/observance of __________ (insert season, festival, or observance here). We give you thanks that you have sustained your church, through the Holy Spirit, through these many changes and that you will be with us in all that is to come. Guide our worship and praise, so that we may always be aware that you alone are due all honor and glory, now and forever. Amen. 

Changing the Toilet Paper 

Look, Lord, there are many things I take for granted, but this is not one of them. Thank you for this resources and the many others I may not even consider today. Guide me, through this life, that I may make choices that support the flourishing of the earth and all people- even in my most private moments. Amen. 

What are the other daily tasks that you can think of that might also benefit from small benedictions or prayers?


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