Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Litany for Mother's Day

A: Loving God, You are everywhere the Lord and Giver of life. We praise You for the gift of mothers through whom You give us life.

C: We thank You for their willingness to nurture life, for their trust in You to guide them through the labor of childbirth, the uncertainties of youth, the letting go of young adulthood.

A: We thank You for all those women, who did not give us birth, but through whom You give us abundant life:

C: We thank You for school teachers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, pastors, elders, Sunday School teachers, supervisors, co-workers, neighbors and friends who share wisdom.

A: We ask Your tender mercies on all those whose mothers now sing with the heavenly chorus, especially for those whose tears are not yet dry.

C: Grant them Your peace, which passes all our understanding.

A: We ask Your comforting presence on those mothers who have buried sons and daughters.

C: Comfort them with the knowledge of their children in Your eternal care.

A: We pray for those who are alienated from their mothers by harsh words, distance, and misunderstanding.
C:  Grant both mothers and children the grace to forgive and to love again.

A: We pray for mothers whose children met a violent death.

C:   Deliver them from anguish.

A: We pray for mothers who work but cannot earn enough to feed and clothe and educate their children.

C: Wake us to our responsibility for common welfare.

A:  We pray for mothers who are sick or dying.

C: Raise up caregivers for their children, even from among us.

A: We pray for mothers who are guardians for grandchildren whose parents are unable or unwilling to care.

C:  Sustain them with the courage and strength and patience for the living of each day.

A:  We pray for mothers whose children face limitations of intelligence, emotional, or physical ability.

C: Deliver them from frustration and hopelessness. Grant them wisdom to encourage each child’s full potential with You.

A: We pray for mothers whose sons and daughters defend our way of life as firefighters, officers of the law, and in the military.

C:  Grant them confidence in Your presence with their children in life, in death, and in life beyond death.

A:  Compassionate God, be with all women on this day.

C:  Let Your light shine on them and be gracious to them. Bless them with peace and joy now and forever. Amen. 

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I love this. Truly.