Tuesday, November 6, 2007

With Gratitude

Last week I think I was making people crazy with my Pollyanna attitude. Well, maybe only myself. On Saturday, 27 October, as I was getting ready for bed, I found that my septic tank had backed up and flooded my downstairs bathroom. It was already 9 o'clock at night and I needed to call a plumber, wait for him to come and then clean up the mess after he left. I was so very tired and still needed to get up early and preach the next day. Yet when I went to the store for cleaning supplies at 11:30 at night, I found myself walking through the parking lot praying this: "Thank you, God, that we had money to pay for the repair. Thank you that there is not significant damage and we still have a house. Thank you that this didn't happen on the first night Rob was home."

When I realized what I was doing, I kind of laughed at myself because of my seemingly ridiculous level of optimism. Yet I felt happy because I knew things were going to be okay. My high continued to escalate throughout the week as I knew the time when I would be reunited with my husband came closer and closer.

My happiness forced some reflection: on families whose father/husband/mother/wife/son/daughter isn't returning, on people who have lost loved ones and long for the reunion hereafter, on people who are not in a spot where they can be happy at this time.

Mostly,though, I really reflected on how blessed I feel at this time in my life. I love the work I am doing right now and the people around me who are shaping me. And I am finally living in the same house at the same time with the man I promised to share my life with and whom I love dearly. While I don't know that my Pollyanna-ability to see the good will last indefinitely... I'm enjoying it for a few weeks. I've a lot to be thankful for and I don't mind sharing a little joy. Thanks be to God.

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